5 Reasons YOU still have P.T.S.D. and What to do about it !!!

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1. You are talking about your trauma.

2. You are NOT titrating your symptoms.

3. You do NOT have A Psycho-Biological Regulator to witness your pain.

4. You are NOT using Intuitive Somatic Processing.

5. You are NOT aware that trauma hides in ALL these body systems: The Physical, The Physiological, and The Psychological  bodies.

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Welcome to an on-line SELF-Confidence class that you can do at your own pace

Are you dependent upon external things and people to determine your happiness?

Have you struggled with issues of Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence?

Are you concerned with how others think and feel about you?

If so, then this class is for YOU!

Re-Discover Your Inner Self-Confidence.  Learn to Like yourself more than other's Like you.  Learn how to be YourSelf in the face of Others. This course is ONLY $20.00. Click the yellow button below to view class information on The Udemy Teaching Platform.

Intuitive Body Processing for The Holidays 2018

Denver, CO - Free - by Love Donation only Event

The Zen of Health Series at Unity Church

4670 East 17th Avenue Parkway

Denver, CO 80220

7-9 pm 

Release Pain - Release Patterns - Reconfigure habits

This is an Interactive Somatic Processing Class designed to re-awaken your body's natural Healing !

This class taps into Your Physical Body, Your Physiolgical Body, and Your Psychological Body

Sponsored  by : Unity Church and Janet Langmeier of AllOut-Coaching.com