SPARKTALKS at Naropa University in Boulder, CO. Wisdom Talks by Naropa Alumni that ignite and spark higher thought. An Annual Event. Space is limited - must register to attend event as seats are limited. To Register and Attend this FREE Event click on the yellow button below. I am honored to be chosen as one of the speakers this year. The title of my TALK is : " How to use Naropa as Mirror and Metaphor using The Moving Cycle™."

Preventing DIVORCE: The 5 Rules of Engagement

 FREE CLASS. Don't let divorce Blind-Side YOU! It did me!!! I have created this course because I lived through 6 divorces by the time I was 20 years old. In addition, I could not save my own marriage in 2010, so I hope to SAVE yours! I have created The 5 Rules of Engagement based upon my own experience, my advanced degree in Somatic Psychology, and from working with private clients. Number One: Never ASSUME - Always ASK. Number Two: Create A Relationship Dynamic Template. Number Three: Connect Family-of-Origin dynamics with Marriage. Number Four: The Ownership Percentage Rule. Number Five: ...See All 

Fixing Your Psycho-Somatic Issues with Somatic Processing

THIS CLASS HAS BEEN RECORDED - LISTEN BY CLICKING THE LINK BELOW. FREE On-Line Webinar February 12th 2018 6:00 - 6:45 pm (MDT)

Must Register on-line at : Learn It Live Teaching Wellness Platform to attend.

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One-of-a-KInd Wellness EAP for Colorado. "You Define Wellness" is A Colorado Based Employee Benefits Wellness Company. I am honored to be one of their Expert Wellness Providers. 


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5 Reasons YOU still have P.T.S.D. and What to do about it !!!

FREE LIVE Webinar has been recorded -- Click Below To Listen and Learn.

1. You are talking about your trauma.

2. You are NOT titrating your symptoms.

3. You do NOT have A Psycho-Biological Regulator to witness your pain.

4. You are NOT using Intuitive Somatic Processing.

5. You are NOT aware that trauma hides in ALL these body systems: The Physical, The Physiological, and The Psychological  bodies.

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CE Credits for Chiropractors : Somatic Processing and Tissue Memory

THIS CLASS MEETS CONTINUING EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS UNDER RULE 8, PAGE 9, IN COLORADO DORA REGULATIONS. "Increase Your Professional Competence in the field of healing arts" (DORA Section C) with this On-Line Live 2-Hour Interactive FOR CREDIT class for Chiropractors! Tired of long boring CE Classes? Try this class! This interactive on-line LIVE Webinar is Fun, Usable, and Convenient! Utilizing one of The Best On-Line Platforms here at Learn It Live. Consider this class to possibly be A Missing Link for your Chiropractic Practice. This class is based on sound Theories of Somatic Processing and Tissue Memory. 

2 CE Credits Awarded upon completion of course.

August 15th 2018  6-8 pm (MDT)


Dogs are sensitive, intelligent, and highly aware creators; just like horses. Training or Learning about dogs, and other animals, first requires a connection that is UNIVERSAL. Many studies point to 80% of communication, both in humans and animals, is non-verbal. You may have heard about Yin-Yoga, but have you heard of Yin Dog Whispering? Yin is an Eastern Tradition of ease, flow, and simplicity. So, as follows, Animal Training should be the same. Sessions work best in-person and with one animal at-a-time. Animal Whispering can be done long-distance over the phone, as well. Try talking to your dog without saying a word, and see what response you get. Then go to My Animal Medicine Website for more information. CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO BE REDIRECTED TO : 1111AnimalMedicine.

Welcome to an on-line SELF-Confidence class that you can do at your own pace

Are you dependent upon external things and people to determine your happiness?

Have you struggled with issues of Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence?

Are you concerned with how others think and feel about you?

If so, then this class is for YOU!

Re-Discover Your Inner Self-Confidence.  Learn to Like yourself more than other's Like you.  Learn how to be YourSelf in the face of Others. This course is ONLY $20.00. Click the yellow button below to view class information on The Udemy Teaching Platform.

Colorado Schools (for credit) Professional Development Workshop

Based on : John Wooden's Pyramid of Success and this quote, " kid's don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care ", Dr. Madeline Hunter, Educator.

Time To Teach, inc. Professional Development Workshops are 7-8 hours in length and can be accomplished in an all-day training or in a two day training. Marlene Prinzing, M.A. is A Certified Time To Teach, inc. Trainer/Teacher for Teachers. Continuing Education Credits for Teachers is awarded directly by : Time To Teach, inc. upon completion of the workshop. One Text Book is mandatory for the workshop. The workshop is priced at a non-negotiable fee of : $1500

Please CONTACT Marlene direclty to discuss having the workshop at your Colorado School. Workshop fee is paid directly to : Time To Teach, inc.

The Time To Teach website link is below.