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The Prinzing Method™

What is The Prinzing Method™

And how can it help you?

TPM™ is an Intuitively Guided form of Body-Life Processing.

TPM™ includes BOTH Physical and Mental/Emotional Re-Patterning. 

TPM™ balances BOTH the body and mind.

TPM™ is effective because Marlene has the ability to BOTH read and translate your Tissue-Memory.  

What is Tissue-Memory?

Think of yourself as a map of all that you are, all that you do, and all that is you. As we go through life, our body stores memory of EVERYTHING we do. You are, in fact, a walking Body-Blue-Print of yourself. 

Things go wrong, when stored trauma in the body becomes imprinted into the autonomic nervous system. Somatic, or body, processing utilizes many methodologies to access this dysfunctional tissue memory and restore it back to harmony.

TPM™ seeks to find the root cause of EVERYTHING, in the body.

If you are NOT well, and have tried EVERYTHING, don't look any further. TPM™ can be done in-person or via phone.

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The Inventor of The Prinzing Method™ is Marlene Prinzing, M.A.

Marlene's Professional Credentials:

B.A. Dance/Kinesiology 1987

B.S. Advertising/Marketing 1987

M.A. Somatic / Body Psychology 2003

Certifications :

MedX Spinal Rehabilitation Expert

Yoga Instructor

Exercise Therapist

Time To Teach, inc. Teacher Teacher

4.0 GPA in Therapeutic Recreation

Creator of:

The Prinzing Audio-Guided-Yoga MP3

Teacher / Speaker / Healer

The Prinzing Method™

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25+ years in business

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The Prinzing Method™

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